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August 2015


Traineeships are the best way to combine training and employment and lead to a nationally recognised qualification. Employers can receive incentives to offset the cost of training while employees learn on the job. Incentives include payroll tax exemption as well as payments at commencement and completion for eligible employers.

Traineeships can be of great value to your business and can help you retain staff by keeping them engaged while they are upskilled.

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Advance Business Specialists

ABS provide services that cover training & mentoring for businesses seeking to improve their organisation, add skilled staff or enhance the competencies of existing employees.

We specialise in providing support to start-up enterprises and in particular to help people who are unemployed, through  the NEIS program. We look at developing their expertise to aid in career options especially for those who may be considering self-employment as a preferred profession.

As a Registered Training Organisation we offer tailored programs that suit both the individual as well as business requirements. We pride ourselves in maintaining personalised and dedicated assistance to all our clients.


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